Fresh New Talent: Tara Jam Makes Strong Debut With “Motion Sickness”

Things are about to change for Tara Jam, who is releasing her very first single on Friday, October 16. Making her debut with the strong “Motion Sickness”, on the same day the song is released, Tara Jam will also premiere an accompanying music video at 11:11 am EST on YouTube.

Listen to (and watch) Tara Jam — “Motion Sickness”, below:

Tara Jam hails from Toronto, Canada and truly fulfills the prophecy of her name, with Tara meaning ‘star’, as she emanates the light of the soul. She channels this light through her blend of artistry as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, director, and photographer — paving her way to becoming an international sensation.

Her connection and fidelity to authenticity are a testament to her Persian-Zoroastrian upbringing, which has without a doubt influenced her musicality. Tara has been songwriting since age six, has studied for over a decade in the conservatory of music, and is of third generation musical talent. Although extremely diverse, Jam finds inspiration from alternative, lo-fi, pop, with hues of trap and acoustic.

Loving what you hear (and see) from Tara Jam, already? You can keep up with the latest happenings by following Tara on Instagram & Twitter.




Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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Ken Adams

Ken Adams

Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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