“It’s My Life” Gets Sam Allan Rework Ft. Kris Kiss [Future House Cloud]

Reworking the Bon Jovi classic, New York City’s own Sam Allan returns with his latest original single, his interpretation of Bon Jovi’s 2000 staple, “It’s My Life.” Featuring vocals from Kris Kiss, Sam Allan’s “It’s My Life” is out now on Future House Cloud — and it’s definitely recommended you give this one a listen for yourself.

The song follows Sam’s October release on Black Hole Recordings imprint Gameroom Records, “Regressive,” which also received praise from media, the dance community, and his fellow colleagues & peers alike. On “It’s My Life,” Sam keeps the integrity of the original version intact, while elevating the tune to even greater heights as he transforms the track into an instant dance classic. A house music spin to be remembered, Sam Allan’s modernized transformation of “It’s My Life” is going to remain an inclusion in DJ sets and leading playlists for the unforeseeable future.

To better understand the rationale behind his “It’s My Life” remake, Sam Allan reveals: “This last year and a half of the pandemic, so much time and memories were lost or never made. Which has really changed my perspective on life and I have realized what’s important. Most importantly, prioritizing myself and my dreams and not letting any more time pass living someone else’s life plans.”




Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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Ken Adams

Ken Adams

Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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