Power of TikTok: How Leondis’ Remix of The Chainsmokers “High” Going Viral Led to Official Release

The power of social media can sometimes surprise us (in a good way) — and can even work in getting people’s voices heard. In the case of 19-year-old DJ/producer Leondis, it was TikTok specifically that led to an official remix of The Chainsmokers return single “High”.

Released as an official remix on the “High” remix EP pack, which is out now on Disruptor Records/Columbia Records, the Leondis version sees the light of day alongside the likes of EDM staple Don Diablo, Crankdat, BADDIES ONLY, and STAR SEED. The initial concept started for Leondis as an instrumental, which he then decided to put the vocals from The Chainsmokers “High” (provided by Drew Taggart), and his TikTok’s began going viral on the platform. It was from that point that Leondis began asking his followers to comment and tag The Chainsmokers so they could hear his remix in hopes of getting them to play it live, or even potentially release it officially.

Well, fast-forward to March and “High (Leondis Remix)” is out now on Alex & Drew’s label — and not only that, the guys have been playing the Leondis remix at their shows, including the Super Bowl LVI Tailgate Kickoff event and EDC Mexico, among others. Listen to the remix in full, below:

“These were the artists that inspired me to start creating music back when I was 16, so it’s a crazy full circle moment being able to work on a record with them. I have been manifesting landing an official remix with them everyday for the last few years, so although it feels crazy, it also feels right. This remix is the just the tip of the iceberg of new music to come and I really can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on with the world” — Leondis


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Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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Ken Adams

Ken Adams

Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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