Record Club Continues Hot Release Streak With “You Make Me Feel” & “Without You”

Record Club is a new-to-the-scene brother DJ/producer duo that has begun their rise to the top. Using their time during the pandemic to be not only creative, but productive, Record Club has been releasing new original music consistently throughout the course of the last year.

Keeping with their new release schedule — and giving electronic dance music (EDM) listeners what they want — Record Club closed out 2021 with their single “Without You,” and on Friday, January 14, the guys released their newest, “You Make Me Feel.” Record Club proves that big room electronic music is still thriving, and through their originals, you can sense their passion for music, creative artistry, and high-octane expression at its’ finest.

Hear Record Club “Without You” below:

“​​This is a track we’ve been sitting on for a while because we wanted to wait for the right time to release it. It’s one of our more aggressive sounding tracks, but it incorporates a contrasting style that we aim for with our music, which are melodic verses and edgier drops. This song will mark our fifth release since July, and is part of an overall plan to give our fans new Record Club music almost every month for the next year. Our goal with these releases is to show off our contrasting style in the two genres of music our sound is heavily influenced by, which is festival progressive and electro house. “Without You” will mark our second electro house song from our release plan, the first being “We Don’t Care” which came out in July. And in between these songs, we came out with three festival progressive house tracks that show our more melodic side. We have a lot more unreleased music ready to go, so we’re really looking forward to sharing it with the world over this next year and beyond.” — Record Club

Listen to Record Club’s latest single “You Make Me Feel,” here:

Learn more about Record Club:

Alex and Dan, the brother-duo behind Record Club, are on a mission to revive the progressive and electro house sounds that dominated the festival circuits in the early 2010s. That era is what sparked their love for electronic dance music, and has served as a major influence on their sound. Their songs have received support from the likes of R3HAB and Valy Mo, and they were named “one of the most promising up and coming acts within electronic music” by Early Rising. After spending some time working on their craft, Record Club is set to release a number of tracks that truly define their sound, and their hope is that those that listen to their music will feel the same emotions that they felt when they first fell in love with progressive and electro house.


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Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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Ken Adams

Ken Adams

Freelance writer. Music enthusiast. Adventurer.

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