Snyder’s Debut LP, ‘In The Dark,’ Is Independent Artistry At Its Finest

Achieving what Snyder has achieved as an independent artist is not only rare in 2021 — it’s nearly unheard of. This Friday (Feb. 26), the fresh talent dropped his debut LP, In The Dark, which consists of 10 diverse tracks.

In The Dark, which marks the very first studio album from Snyder, has been released on his own terms. As an independent artist, Snyder has managed to capture the hearts, minds, and ears of music lovers, the media, and his fellow DJ friends & peers — and he’s done so at his very own accord. The In The Dark Album collaborators include 24hrs, 51b, Dre of the East, Danielle Goz, Mike Eakins, and Northside Rocky.

Snyder tells a story with his first-ever artist album in an LP that clocks in with 34-minute runtime. In The Dark takes listeners on a journey as Andrew Snyder — PKA Snyder — puts his production and creativity skillset to the test. Having already amassed over 1 million combined streams on the LP singles across streaming platforms prior to its release, on the tracks featured on In The Dark, Snyder dabbles with various genres and styles, including electronic dance music (EDM)’s house, trap, electro, progressive, and is even infuses hip-hop and pop elements.

Snyder — In The Dark LP tracklist:

Fire (ft. 24hrs)

Petty (ft. Dre of the East)

Motions (ft. Danielle Goz)

Thunda (ft. 51b)

Lost (ft. Mike Eakins)

Love (ft. 51b)

Petrified (ft. 51b)

Narcissist (ft. Dre of the East)

Your Love (ft. Northside Rocky)

Petty (Extended Version)

“‘In the Dark’ represents so much to me. For years I worked at building something cohesive between my projects and finally to have something covering so many genres, I’m so proud that it came out the way it did. I call it ‘In the Dark’ because I really do feel that the only thing that can tie all of these records together is darkness. Either darkness in the club, darkness in your heart, or darkness outside, you’re bound to feel some darkness in this project. Special thanks to 24hrs, Northside Rocky, 51b, Dre of the East, Mike Eakins, thank you guys so much for being a part of this project.” — SNYDER


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