Snyder Makes Sonic Boom With “Thunda” ft. 51b on the Road to Debut LP

Snyder makes some noise with his latest single “Thunda” featuring 51b, which was released on Friday, May 22.

This isn’t the first time that Snyder and 51b have worked together — in fact, they’ve collaborated many times in the past. When you have a glimpse into Snyder’s repertoire, you’ll find a ton of gems between the producer/DJ and vocalist.

“Thunda” — which is the most recent single release from Snyder — will be included on his forthcoming artist album, which is slated to drop at Summer’s end. Encompassing sensuality and finesse, the song combines elements of various genres, making it another standout track from the North Carolina-based Snyder.

Listen to Snyder feat. 51b “Thunda”:



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