SoLonely Drops Deep New Single, “it won’t be fine” via Good Sound Music/Virgin Music Sweden on Mar. 24

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SoLonely returns with his latest original release, “it won’t be fine,” available on Friday, March 24 through Good Sound Music/Virgin Music Sweden.

it won’t be fine” is another track from the breakout musician that encompasses and explores themes of accepting scenarios and situations, regardless of the outcome. In this case, “it won’t be fine” delivers a deeply rooted theme of accepting a lost relationship, love, and being hopeful enough to move on. Eloquently blending his unique musical style once again, “it won’t be fine” is an acoustic soul, R&B, pop, and melodic rap song that speaks to listeners from the very start.

In the latest edition, feelings of being forgotten and loneliness are dealt with, but at the same time, Solonely reminds us of the importance of not giving up. Solonely’s new single gives listeners a sense of hope and inspiration, reminding us that love is always out there, even when it may feel like it’s beyond our reach. Be one of the first to hear “it won’t be fine” upon its March 24th release.

Struggling with anxiety for most of his life, mental health is something close to SoLonely’s heart. “it won’t be fine” is the follow-up single to his heartfelt song, “it’s all in your head,” where he opened up about self-doubt, mental wellbeing, and the power of self. sings about overthinking, letting anxiety take over, going to a dark place mentally, and getting pulled out of it by someone or something. SoLonely traverses and blends genres like alternative R&B, emo-rap, lofi, cloud rap, trap, pop, and acoustic soul, making his music as hard to define as it is alluring. After his last single, fans, the media, and fellow artists praised his vulnerability and ability to draw awareness to mental health in such a precise and tasteful way. Using music as an outlet to express himself, that was not only relevant on “it’s all in your head,” but now even more prevalent on “it won’t be fine.”

“The song is about not wanting to lose someone, wanting to hear that you won’t be forgotten and that everything will be okay, even though you know it won’t be. It is also about losing someone who has passed away. It’s a song about not giving up, fighting despite adversity and staying hopeful.” — SoLonely

SoLonely started recording music in his bedroom when he was 17 years old, and the now 22-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter has amassed over 70M global streams. Having dealt with loss and mental health, SoLonely uses music as an outlet to express himself. Providing a sense of self therapy, he hopes for his music to not only help himself, but more importantly, help others overcome their obstacles.


The 23-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter started recording music in his bedroom at the age of 17, posting it online. His sad songs about lost love and sadness soon gained him thousands of listeners and millions of streams over several platforms and his music was released by big channels on YouTube like Promoting Sounds and Sad Chill. However, losing his mother at the age of 18 nearly destroyed him. The following years were rough, struggling with addiction and depression, but he was able to channel his emotions in his music and still to this day uses music as a form of self therapy.

Today SoLonely has over 70M congregated streams on all platforms and 25M total streams on Spotify alone with 200,000 monthly listeners. His fanbase is from all over the world, with several thousands of listeners each in his biggest markets, USA, Germany, UK, Canada and Australia. His music has been featured on official playlists by Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music & Tidal such as Emo Rap, BASE:LINE, The Nerve, Worldwide Riddim, New in HipHop, On Point, Sounds of Sweden, New Music Friday and Lit.

With a unique voice and sense of melody, SoLonely traverses and blends genres like alternative R&B, emo-rap, lofi, cloud rap, trap and acoustic soul, making his music as hard to define as it is alluring, with lyrics about heartbreak, sorrow, loneliness, substance abuse, betrayal and love. His voice often carries a soft desperation and his beautiful melodies has gained him the attention and respect of several noteworthy artists within the emo/sad rap community.


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